Wie bezahlen wir im Jahr 2025?

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About Concardis

Concardis is one of Europe’s leading payment service providers. When it comes to high-performance payment systems, Concardis is the provider of choice for some 110,000 customers at 210,000 locations and with more than 470,000 connected terminals. We offer our customers intelligent solutions for the cashless payment process, which is becoming increasingly challenging for customers to navigate.

The line between online and offline business is becoming blurrier, international purchasing and sales are growing, and products and services need to be connected with added value in a way that makes sense. All this means that the role payment plays for retail and service companies is changing at its core. Today, payment systems need to be able to do more than just process payments at the POS. In many businesses, payment has become a factor that is critical to success. And we are geared towards the optimisation of this factor.

We provide our customers with high-performance and multi-sales-channel solutions for face-to-face retail and mail order as well as e-commerce and m-commerce. We are happy to advise and accompany our customers in both the search for and implementation of the best solution for them. Our company is founded on more than 30 years of experience with all things payment-related and a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses.