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About Concardis

We are a full-service provider for cashless and digital payments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For us, it’s all about payment. We offer the right technology as well as tailored services for fast and secure cashless payment processes – whether for hotel operators and auto mechanics or DIY store managers, online retailers and app developers. We develop solutions that are easy to use for anyone – without any IT or programming expertise. This allows our customers to keep their payment processes simple and to satisfy consumers with modern and convenient services.

We are always focused on keeping our customers’ business processes efficient: we develop intelligent interfaces for the integration of payment into both upstream and downstream processes – for example in accounting systems. A seamless data flow allows you to optimise your workflows and to reduce your costs. We enable our customers to make use of the information from their payment transactions. See our fact sheet for more information. .

More than 100,000 customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have put their trust in our market and industry expertise. We were founded in 2003 with the aim of connecting merchants and service providers to the credit card network. In the ensuing years, we gradually developed into a comprehensive provider of payment services. Today we offer everything from a single source – from card acceptance, payment processing and payment devices through to payment solutions for online business and attractive additional services. And we just keep on growing.

We have been a part of Concardis Payment Group since April 2018, working hand in hand with Cardtech GmbH, PCS GmbH, Simplepay GmbH, Ratepay GmbH and Mercury Processing Services International Ltd. Our ambitious joint objective is to enable all of our customers to fully tap the potential of digitisation.

Concardis facts and figures

Trust plays an important role for both end customers and merchants when it comes to payment. Every day, our customers rely on the security of our systems, the performance of our solutions and the competence of our staff. In numbers, that means:

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