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Clothing retailer
Start-up with potential


Start-up with potential

To have one’s own shop: Christiane Waas-Andrae made
this dream come true in November 2015. 

Customers come to her boutique in Cologne for the latest fashions and accessories. She worked out what payment options she wanted in advance and found a competent business partner in Concardis.

absolute. in numbers

Key facts at a glance.

€150,000 in planned sales

2015 opening in Cologne

iWL250 flexible terminal with NFC

In November 2015, Christiane Waas-Andrae opened her boutique absolute. in Cologne. Her concept focuses on selected items of clothing and accessories for women.


She only ever has a few samples of each piece in her shop and keeps no stock. But not only does she show four collections a year; Christiane Waas-Andrae also sources new articles for her customers all the time. So it’s worth coming in regularly.
Card payments are obligatory nowadays – a decision she made well before the shop opened. Concardis was recommended to her as a partner for the implementation. So from day one her customers have been able to pay at absolute. by debit or credit card.


Requirements and services that have to be met:

NEW Start-up



+ Range of development prospects



FLEX Flexible terminal



Our solutions

With the Concardis iWL250 flex terminal, absolute. uses a flexible card reader that is not tied to one place and covers all options: debit card or credit card, chip, magnetic strip or contactless. So customers can pay as they wish.

When choosing her payment services provider Christiane Waas-Andrae made sure that she stayed flexible not only with the terminal, but with the whole topic of payments. As a start-up entrepreneur she has big plans and wants to be able to scale up her payment solutions along with her business. So absolute. has found the ideal partner in Concardis.

Concardis solutions for absolute.:

With Concardis, I have found a partner to provide me with competent support from the outset and offer me payment solutions that can scale with my business. Christiane Waas-Andrae, owner of absolute.

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