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Apple Pay
payment with a press of the thumb

Be prepared for Apple Pay

NFC-enabled terminals required

With the introduction of the Apple Pay service, we are supporting face-to-face retailers in accepting this convenient form of mobile payment. Users only have to place their iPhone or Apple Watch close to the retailer’s terminal in order to conduct the payment transaction. This simplicity of use – together with the broad distribution of these end devices – ensures a high degree of user-friendliness for Apple Pay, both for the customers and the retailer.



Apple Pay

How it works

Add your credit cards in the Wallet app on your iPhone 7, 7+ 6 or 6+



Hold your iPhone above the contactless NFC terminal



Confirm the purchase using TouchID



Safe, simple and convenient

Apple Pay works using so-called near-field communication (NFC), which enables the contactless transfer of transaction data between the iPhone or Apple Watch and the retailer’s terminal. This occurs on the basis of a saved Mastercard or Visa credit card. The system is considered to be very safe, since the card number is neither transferred nor stored on the device. The stored credit card information is assigned to a so-called token and stored on the chip; only the token is transferred between the devices. Authentication takes place by fingerprint. Because all Apple Pay transactions are authenticated in this manner, this payment method also offers the retailer a high degree of security.

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