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Concardis @ NOAH2016

Concardis at NOAH Berlin

8.-9. Juni 2016, Tempodrom

The NOAH Conference in Berlin is the platform for exchange – for journalists, investors, entrepreneurs and also established companies. And precisely this is the draw of the event: what aspects should start-ups be taking on from tried-and-tested business models, and what can former top dogs learn from new challengers?

From 8 to 9 June in the Tempodrom, well-known names such as Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner, Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche and Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick will discuss the effects and opportunities of digitisation across all sectors.

As one of the leading European payment service providers, Concardis is also involved as a sponsor of the conference. At the Concardis pavilion, the international guests will have the opportunity to exchange ideas in a relaxed lounge-style atmosphere.

And on the evening before the event – Tuesday, 7 June – Concardis is hosting an exclusive discussion. Along with decision makers from the world of digital payment, Concardis CEO Marcus W. Mosen and Jakob Schreyer, CEO of orderbird, will be discussing new technologies and market developments involving payment processing.

Exchanging ideas is the core of the NOAH conference in Berlin – everything from new concepts, exciting solutions, crazy ideas and successful approaches. For essentially all sectors, digitisation brings with it completely different challenges and tasks. How does mobility look in the future? Which business opportunities come with the smart home? And, of course, what does digitisation mean for payment processing, and what impact will the new conditions have on banks?

Schedule an appointment (email: and have a conversation with one of our employees in the Concardis lounge – or just sit back and relax after an exciting session. You can find more information on NOAH and the online registration form at

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