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Teamverstärkung bei Concardis

Concardis expands risk management and strengthens project management

In order to keep pace with the changing role of risk management in digital business, Concardis has appointed Christian Jung as Vice President of Risk and Data Management.

The 39-year-old business graduate comes from Skrill, where in recent years he was also responsible for developing the risk management and anti-fraud activities for the international e-wallet solution. In addition, he developed and implemented analysis tools that enabled processing data to be used for managing the business. Jung was previously Head of Credit Risk Management & Collections at Ingenico, and became Managing Director of the unit following its spin-out. ‘We are delighted to have Christian Jung on board; he is a leading expert on risk and big data management and will play an active role in enhancing and supporting the further expansion of our PSP profile.’ Commenting on the recruitment of Christian Jung, who will report directly to him, Jens Mahlke, CFO of Concardis, added, ‘He will make our risk management more professional and enhance our ability to activate payment data as a business management resource, both for us and for our customers’.

Another new member in the team of Financial Officer Jens Mahlke is Achim Schäfer (31), who has moved to Concardis from Deloitte Consulting. Schäfer will contribute his extensive experience of project management. At Deloitte he was most recently in charge of leading and coordinating integration projects in the banking sector and was responsible for stakeholder management. At Concardis Schäfer will head up programme management, which is responsible for managing and coordinating all development projects. ‘Under the title of Concardis 3.0 we have launched a number of projects with which we intend to extend our value chain and develop additional new functionalities. In Achim Schäfer we have gained an expert with vast experience in the management of such projects in the financial services industry. He will ensure that our projects achieve their targets on time and on budget and are implemented with the greatest efficiency’, said Jens Mahlke.

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