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Apple Pay in der Schweiz ab sofort möglich

Concardis supports Apple Pay in Switzerland

NFC-enabled terminals required

Zurich, 12 July 2016. With the introduction of Apple Pay, payment service provider Concardis is supporting face-to-face retailers to accept this convenient form of mobile payment. Users only have to place their iPhone or Apple Watch close to the retailer’s terminal in order to initiate the transaction. This easy, simple way to pay – as well as the broad distribution of Apple devices in Switzerland – ensures that Apple Pay is both fast and convenient for customers and retailers alike.

As one of the leading payment service providers in German-speaking Europe, Concardis now aims to enable the quick spread and processing of Apple Pay transactions in retail. All a retailer needs to integrate Apple Pay at the point of sale (POS) is a connection to the MasterCard or Visa system and a terminal which enables near-field communication (NFC), a contactless transfer of transaction data between the iPhone or Apple Watch and the retailer’s terminal. Concardis takes care of both – credit card acceptance and the NFC-enabled terminal.

‘Until now, only a share of the terminals in use has been NFC-enabled. Through our local partners, we support our customers with the update or migration of their terminals – and of course we offer new customers solutions which are capable of accepting Apple Pay,’ says Karl Illing, who is responsible for the introduction of Apple Pay at Concardis. Integrated Concardis solutions like the orderbird iPad POS system for restaurants already meet the requirements for Apple Pay. Thus, caterers such as the Effinger coffee bar in Bern who already use orderbird together with a Concardis card reader can offer Apple Pay immediately.

Long-standing Concardis customer Läderach Chocolatier Suisse will shortly receive an update for their terminals. The chocolate manufacturer will then be able to accept Apple Pay in their 36 Swizz chain stores. ‘We are looking forward to offer our customers this quick and convenient payment method via smartphone’, says Ernst Raschle, general manager of Läderach.

In general, accepting Apple Pay at the POS does not lead to any additional costs for merchants. ‘Here, retailers have a simple way of expanding their customer service. Due to the widespread use of Apple devices in Switzerland, we expect fast growth in demand from consumers for this payment method. This will also motivate more banks to activate their credit cards for use with Apple Pay. We are helping our customers to be prepared before it’s too late’, says Illing.

Apple Pay is secure, as the deposited credit card numbers are neither transferred nor stored on the device. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored on the Secure Element of the mobile device. Only this number is transferred, and each transaction is authenticated via fingerprint.

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