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paydirekt und nextORDER

Concardis teams up with nextORDER on paydirekt

paydirekt already integrated into AIDA online shop / demand increasing for Concardis as a merchant concentrator for paydirekt

Eschborn, 25 August 2016. With immediate effect, Concardis GmbH and the e-commerce specialist nextORDER are joining forces on paydirekt. nextORDER will use the European payment service provider and merchant concentrator Concardis for the integration of online shops into paydirekt. This means nextORDER can now offer its customers a single partner for paydirekt, instead of negotiating individual agreements with all the banks and savings banks.

nextORDER’s most important customer has already had their online shop connected – customers in the AIDA online shop can now pay via paydirekt. The implementation process for other customers is currently ongoing.

The partnership with nextORDER and the implementation of paydirekt in some initial online shops will boost the establishment of the German banking industry’s new payment system. When paydirekt was launched, there were soon calls for it to be simplified: Concardis, the leading payment service provider in German-speaking Europe, delivered on this by becoming the first merchant concentrator for paydirekt. Whereas merchants once had to negotiate individual agreements with all the banks and savings banks, they now have Concardis as a single partner by their side and also benefit from the favourable conditions offered by the payment service provider.

A partnership with nextORDER is the next logical step in this process: ‘Our partnership with nextORDER makes things even easier for merchants: nextORDER now gives them the sales platform and payment all in one,’ says Christoph Jung, Vice President E-Commerce Competence Centre at Concardis. ‘What’s more, with Concardis as a merchant concentrator, they have an experienced payment service provider by their side for their payment processes.’

nextORDER likewise emphasises the advantages of the partnership for the merchants: ‘In its capacity as a merchant concentrator, Concardis considerably simplified the administrative integration of the various banks for us, allowing us to focus fully on advising our customers and on the technical implementation of the online shops within the Magento shop software,’ says Thomas Polanski of nextORDER.

The all-in-one principle for paydirekt and the streamlined processes underlying this are effective, as demonstrated by the level of demand on the merchants’ side. Other online shop operators in addition to nextORDER are already using Concardis as a merchant concentrator for paydirekt. ‘Word appears to have got around that paydirekt works very straightforwardly on the basis of an acceptance agreement with Concardis and that individual agreement negotiations are no longer necessary. We are receiving more and more enquiries,’ says Jung.

Concardis and nextORDER are confident that paydirekt will become increasingly established – in particular thanks to the systematic simplification of its integration. The method enables customers to make fast, simple and above all secure e-commerce payments. Payments are processed directly from the customer’s current account. The customer therefore does not need an additional account and the merchant has a payment guarantee. The system is subject to the entire security architecture of the German banking industry, German data security regulations and German bank secrecy.

About nextORDER
nextORDER’s all-in-one service now equips the company’s customers with all the components they need for e-commerce – a scalable online shop, streamlined payment and billing processes, and functioning delivery logistics. With nextORDER’s all-in-one service, customers can embark on e-commerce projects quickly and without any risk, irrespective of whether they buy in their product range or manufacture it themselves. The easy access afforded by the all-in-one service also allows brands, advertising agencies and industrial enterprises to use e-commerce processes for marketing tasks and for sales support. 

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