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Concardis wins awards at Top Produkt Handel competition

Silver for Concardis e-Invoicing

For the eighth time in a row, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers were able to take part in the Top Produkt Handel competition with their innovative solutions and products. The jury consisting of editors from BusinessHandel magazine selected the 30 most promising products in ten categories from among all the entrants. The winners included Concardis e-Invoicing in the process optimisation category. The business magazine’s readers were able to cast their vote for what they thought were the best products. The mobile payment solution orderbird Payment by Concardis received a special award from the jury in advance of the competition. The award ceremony took place yesterday evening at EuroCIS in Düsseldorf.

With Concardis e-Invoicing, merchants receive invoices for POS terminals, authorisation fees and additional terminal services not only as a PDF, but also in the practical CSV file format. The advantage is that the accounting department can automatically transfer the statement items and therefore assign it more quickly to the appropriate cost centre. This means that the manual steps in the process are significantly reduced. At the same time, Concardis e-Invoicing offers complete flexibility. Individual pieces of information from the file can be selected and then transferred to the company’s accounting software, for example, or into a spreadsheet program. Depending on the selection type and the level of detail, the invoice items can be automatically allocated to the corresponding accounts structure.

Concardis e-Invoicing is more than just the simple transformation of once hard copies into digital format. In fact, Concardis e-Invoicing allows the optimisation of all downstream processes following receipt of the invoice. Thus the company proves itself to be not only a payment service provider, but also an innovative business partner.

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