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Online and offline: Bünting Group relies on Concardis for payments

The implementation of the Concardis Payengine in the online shop marks the completion of the payment roll-out at the Bünting Group.

Eschborn, 1st July 2016. Concardis had previously installed over 1,000 terminals in 254 retail outlets belonging to the Bünting Group, including Combi, famila and Telepoint.

Bünting customers can now use near field communication (NFC) technology to make contactless payments in its supermarkets. The terminals also have the technical capabilities to handle Apple Pay, which can be used as soon as the electronic wallet solution is activated for Germany. Anyone buying their food supplies online via the e-commerce platform can make a direct online payment using MasterCard, Visa, Maestro or V Pay. Bünting also relies on Concardis’ experience for transactions administration.

Tailor-made solutions for all sales channels
The Bünting Group has entrusted its acquiring to the Eschborn-based payment services provider since 2011. And so, when it decided to equip its shops with NFC-enabled terminals and accept card payments in its online shop, the supermarket group put all its payment operations in the hands of Concardis.

‘This demonstration of trust is a tangible sign for us that we are well positioned as a business partner: we advise and support our customers in all aspects of cashless payments – for all sales channels’, says Pietro Hagemann, CSO at Concardis. ‘Together with Bünting, we were able to develop a tailor-made solution’, continued the sales director, ‘which makes shopping even more convenient for the consumers and makes life much easier for the company in terms of processes and interface management.’

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