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Pay anywhere in Europe with JCB and UnionPay

Concardis makes it possible to pay anywhere in Europe using major Asian credit card brands

Eschborn, 9 August 2016. Concardis GmbH is taking another step towards Europe: effective immediately, customers of the Asian credit card brands Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) and UnionPay can pay at Concardis points of sale in the entire SEPA region – in all local currencies. Until now, this was only possible in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in the Benelux countries.

With the technical integration of JCB and UnionPay at the point of sale, Concardis enables merchants, hoteliers and restaurateurs to allow even international customers to conveniently pay using their usual credit cards. With more than 90 million cardholders, JCB is Japan’s largest credit card provider and is especially popular among travellers from Asia and the United States. With five billion cards issued, Chinese provider UnionPay is currently the world’s fastest-growing credit card provider. In the previous year, it recorded growth of around 30 per cent, measured by worldwide transaction volume. The rapidly growing number of international trips contributed to this growth. Since 2012, the Chinese have been the world champions of travel. According to the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), the number of Chinese who travel internationally is expected to grow to 500 million over the next five years.

‘More and more tourists and business travellers from Japan and China prefer being able to pay using their domestic credit cards from JCB and UnionPay when they are travelling around Europe. According to Chinese market research company Fortune Character, the Chinese spend more than 100 billion dollars per year on luxury items – and the majority of those items are purchased abroad. The Japanese also use their credit cards primarily for high-value purchases, according to information from JCB,’ says Marcus W. Mosen, CEO of Concardis. ‘We make it possible for merchants to profit from this growth market. With the roll-out of the JCB and UnionPay credit card brands in the entire SEPA region, and following the partnership with leading Chinese payment services provider Alipay here in Germany, we can offer our customers the most important payment methods for Asia from a single source.’

By the end of the year, Concardis will offer 19 additional currencies for payments made using JCB credit cards. Airlines and travel agencies in particular will benefit from this: travellers can quickly pay for their flights and hotel reservations directly in their home currency, for example in Thai baht or Brazilian reals.

At the same time, the Eschborn-based payment services provider is also preparing for the secure integration of UnionPay into e-commerce. JCB is already available for online payments.

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