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Neuer Webauftritt der Concardis GmbH

‘We make payment simple’ Concardis launches new website and introduces product configuration tool

A business partner for the customer – that is the message of Concardis GmbH’s new corporate design, which was unveiled at the beginning of the year. The new website goes live as of today and keeps this promise online too – with attractive promotional offers and a product configuration tool for individual solutions.

It only takes three clicks to secure one of the promotional offers for payment solutions for e-commerce, classic POS business or for a mobile acceptance version. And anyone who wants to put together a customised solution can use the product configuration tool to get individual offers that match their needs.

‘We make payment simple. That not only applies to our solutions, but also to our customers’ decision-making processes. With our new website, we are introducing e-commerce for our own products and intend to keep expanding our offering,’ says Marcus W. Mosen, CEO of Concardis GmbH. ‘On our website, we give our customers the opportunity to compare. Customers can get an impression of the products and services themselves, giving them a basis for a fully informed decision. The payment market has never been so transparent.’

Customer service expanded
Concardis is also strengthening its customer service as part of its rebranding. ‘We want to make access easier for our customers and, at the same time, that means our underlying processes have to perform. So we have defined a number of customer journeys which we have developed in interdisciplinary teams right through to customer service. We want to show that payment solutions can be very flexible, deliver high-performance functionality and still be very simple and transparent for our customers. And that they can rely on the service behind them too,’ adds Mosen.

Concardis is systematically positioning itself as a business partner: in future, the website and the product portfolio will be expanded continuously, especially the product configuration tool. The payment service provider will also keep developing its service portfolio going forward. Last year saw the launch of the online shop for advertising materials. And after an intensive test phase, merchants will be able to use a complete online customer portal beginning this summer.

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