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Can I pay with a card?

This question is becoming less and less common. But why? Because today the ability to pay by card is seen by the customer as a given. Anyone who insists on only accepting cash risks upsetting customers and, eventually, losing them. However, it is important for both you and your customers for card payments to be simple, fast and secure. With Concardis, card payments are also flexible. For example, you have the choice whether to accept all of the popular cards or just the select few that your customers use the most. We would be happy to help you choose the right solution – quickly and simply.


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Great variety for less turnover

Credit cards have the attraction for customers that expenses only debit the account later.

They have long been the most popular means of payment in the USA, but sales are also rising rapidly in Europe. Mastercard and VISA are the most important credit cards in this country, but increasing internationalization is bringing more and more customers with more and more cards to us. Therefore diversity in acceptance also means a wide range of opportunities for your turnover.

Our credit cards

The debit card: there’s no avoiding it

In Germany, a debit card can be found in nearly every wallet. They are issued by banks and savings banks and are associated with a  current account. They are still often referred to as an ‘EC card’. In Europe, paying with an EC card is – just as ever – a popular option and is considered secure and practical.

...maximum popularity.

Maestro is the international debit card payment system from MasterCard. Most debit cards in Germany and many international debit cards bear the Maestro logo.

VISA Electron...
...a debit card for world travels.

VISA Electron is an independent debit card from the VISA brand. It is issued by banks around the world.

Debit Mastercard...
...all the advantages of a credit card in debit format

Debit MasterCard combines the advantages of a credit card and an EC card. With the Debit Mastercard you can pay at home in your home supermarket just as securely as online from the sofa, or contactlessly and abroad. Debit Mastercard is of course accepted at all 43.3 million Mastercard acceptance points worldwide.

…the German standard of debitcards.

The function of GeldKarte allows monetary amounts to be stored on the chips of debit cards. Many debit cards from banks and savings banks use this function. It is frequently used for paying smaller amounts.

V PAY...
... in use in Europe.

V PAY is the payment system for VISA debit cards within Europe. V PAY offers maximum payment security through its chip and associated PIN.

Infographics: The credit card is one of the most important means of payment worldwide!

Credit cards have become an indispensable means of payment. In our infographics we show you, among other things, how the demand for credit cards has developed in recent years and which country is leading in cashless payment transactions!

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The right terminal is all that’s missing

You want your guests to be able to pay with a card directly at the table? Or you work at your customers’ locations and want to offer them the possibility to pay by card there? We have the right terminal for all your needs. Contactless payment using near-field communication (NFC) technology is integrated into all new devices. Special requirements such as automatic currency conversion and tax-free payment can also easily be added. It just fits.

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