Our mission:

Through our provision and development of efficient and innovative payment solutions, we help companies and institutions to take advantage of digitisation opportunities.

Concardis Mission

The payments landscape is undergoing a period of change. Increasing digitisation of the economy and private life is changing the character and role of payments. Payment transactions are part of a transformation process that helps existing business models to change, and even enables creation of new business models. As a leading payment provider, we support this development by making efficient systems and platforms available, which in turn aid companies and institutions to monetise their services and consequently avail themselves of the change and growth opportunities that advancing digitisation offers.

Our vision:

As a full-service provider with a comprehensive understanding of clients, we overcome the boundaries facing traditional payment service providers and have positioned ourselves as a business partner of choice.

Concardis Vision

Our know-how and dovetailing of all client-critical processes enable us to generate a variety of data. Concardis’s traditional strengths – a profound understanding of the market and clients, as well as a high degree of customer confidence – enable us to intelligently evaluate and convert this data into useful information for our clients. In so doing, we help client decision-makers and business managers expand and optimise their businesses. We have gone from a pure service provider to a business partner that acts on an equal footing with our clients’ business executives.

Our self-perception

We increase the intelligence of our solutions through customised combination of products and services and thus create significantly more value for our clients.

Concardis self-perception

Concardis sees itself as an integrated solutions provider with industrial logic. The guideline we use to develop solutions is this: the more tailored the solutions are to the client and the more strongly they are integrated into the client’s business model, the more added value they bring the client and the higher their market value. In following this approach, we set our services apart from others on the market, build long-term and beneficial customer relationships and develop new markets. To achieve this requires high market and sector competence.

Our service commitment:

We are one step ahead.

Concardis service commitment

Our aim is to create a competitive advantage for our clients through early identification of developments relevant to their business and delivering the right answers to them faster than others. Competition in times of change is primarily one of speed. With a close integration of client advice, product development and customer service we have created the basis for a higher level of agility and ability to react, which we put to use in our goal-oriented and cross-sectoral collaboration.