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That is technically possible. But for you it is more convenient to book the hardware and software along with the acceptance contract. Then you only have one personal contact for everything to do with payments.

That is also technically possible. But it is to your advantage to book the terminal along with an acceptance contract. Then you have a partner at your side for all your questions relating to cashless payments; and we can offer you good rates for complete solutions.

That can be done at any time. Just ask us. CONTACT.

No problem. You can order additional services at any time, as long as your terminal supports the function you want to have. Just ask us. CONTACT.

In our experience, different sectors and specialities require special solutions. Why not start by looking at the solutions we have already implemented for a range of sectors. For hotels, we offer the Concardis Payment Gateway. And for cafés and restaurants we have orderbird, a modern iPad checkout system.

But of course: you can simply apply for trial access and check out the Concardis Payengine online.

Certainly. Just have a look at the Concardis Payengine. The Concardis Payengine is the solution for e-commerce. You can use it to put together exactly the payment methods you want to offer for your online shop.

That’s no problem – we will be happy to advise you personally on the best solution for you. Just ask us. CONTACT.

To start with, Concardis offers acceptance contracts for all common credit cards. That includes cards that are mostly in use abroad. Then we have a number of services especially for companies with many international customers. They include the automatic currency conversion DCC/eDCC and the tax-free function, which enables them to shop free of tax.

Yes, all our terminals can do that already. Apple Pay itself is not available for German customers yet. But customers from the USA or UK can already use their iPhone to pay your bill. Either way, with our terminals you are fit for the future. As soon as Apple Pay is activated for customers in Germany, you can accept this kind of payment by smartphone too.

Contactless payment: that means, above all, faster processing. Hold the card close – done. This is especially practical for small purchases of up to €25. This means that your customer does not need to sign or enter their PIN – and, of course, your sale is still guaranteed. This enables you to reduce waiting times at the point of sale. Despite the speed, payment by near-field communication (NFC) is still very secure and complies with the high security standards of PCI DSS.

EMV is the abbreviation for Europay, MasterCard and Visa. This abbreviation is used to refer to an international security standard which is to be converted into a national regulation by each country. The national regulation of the EMV is called ‘ep2’ in Switzerland. EMV is a standard regarding the transfer of transaction data between the terminal and the acquirer. ep2 is a committee of Swiss terminal manufacturers, acquirers, issuers and the association of electronic payments (Verband elektronischer Zahlungsverkehr – VEZ), which is responsible for the consistent definition of standards for the chip-based EMV payment methods of the Swiss market. Concardis is an active member on the board of the ep2 committee and actively collaborates in all working groups.

The primary objective of the system is to optimise the security of card transactions. In order to achieve this goal, the data exchange for all debit and credit card transactions must be carried out via EMV-enabled cards (‘intelligent chip cards’) and an appropriate EMV-enabled terminal infrastructure and network services. The payment terminals – if they are not EMV-enabled – must be replaced by EMV-enabled terminals by the end of 2017 at the latest. This will allow transactions to be carried out within a few seconds – reliably and with the highest security.

The ep2 standard defines the entire EFT/POS infrastructure of credit and debit card terminals as well as vending machines in Switzerland. The result is an open system based on international standards and recommendations.

With Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), the automatic currency conversion feature, you enable your customers to pay in their home currency. At the press of a button, your customers can choose their preferred currency from the 30 available. This works with our terminals on-site the same way it does with our solutions for e-commerce. Neither you nor your customers have any additional effort.


Concardis carries out a background check on the credit card during the payment process. If there is anything suspicious, you are informed immediately by email from our early warning system.

The use of the 3D Secure procedure in e-commerce also offers protection against credit card fraud. For in-store transactions, swiping the magnetic strip or reading the EMV chip on the card, in combination with the signature or PIN of the cardholder, protects against fraud in face-to-face business.
Concardis is certified for the PCI DSS standards, which also offers a high level of security. And as a retailer who accepts credit cards, you also have to be certified according to these internationally recognised standards. Find out how you can get certified on our PCI platform.

Yes, because the same security mechanisms apply to contactless payments as they do to ordinary payments based on a magnetic strip or chip. It is only for small amounts up to €25 that the customer neither has to enter a PIN nor provide a signature. Often a daily limit has been set for such payments. Chargebacks for lack of authentication are not allowed for contactless payments of up to €25. So the important thing is that above €25 the customer is always asked for either the PIN or a signature, as usual. This minimises the risk of loss here too.

In practice, it is virtually impossible to make a payment by accident: to pay by NFC, the customer has to hold their card a few centimetres away from the terminal. If the customer has the card in a wallet in their pocket, then the card data will not be transmitted over that distance.

Yes, because all our transmission methods are specially encrypted and conform to the high PCI DSS standards. In addition, no data are stored either on the terminal or on an additional smartphone, for instance.

Billing and Administration

Our online ESP tool enables you to keep an eye on all your transactions, payments and invoices and you can export the data to Excel in csv file format. If you do not use this service, a fee-based postal service for invoices will be used.

Accessories and Advertising

You can either call our customer service hotline on NUMMER. Or you can use our order form for accessories.


You can set your country/region under settings by pressing the arrow next to your user name.

You can show various graphs on your home page via the menu item Container. Go to the menu item Add container and click on the reports/graphs that you want to add.

On your home page, go to the menu item Administration/User admin. Choose Functions/Create user. Here you can edit your user data. A password is sent to the user automatically.

Under services, you can choose the menu item Contact form. Here you can define your enquiry and say whether you would like to be contacted by my.concardis support by email or phone.

Go to your home page. Above the arrow next to your user name, you choose Settings. Here you can organise your personal data.

Transactions are stored in my.concardis for 25 months after the registration date and can be retrieved from there.