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38 hotels in seven European countries, modern concepts and outstanding service: Lindner Hotels AG has a first-class reputation throughout Europe, which every guest should be able to convince himself of right up to the last moment of his stay.

Since 2005, Concardis has been responsible for making this lasting impression just as first-class - with an integrated payment solution that fits perfectly into the existing hotel management system.

Lindner Hotels AG in numbers

Key facts at a glance


38 Hotels and resorts of the brands Lindner Hotels & Resorts as well as me and all hotels (6 of them in planning)




countries in Europe




2000 employees




Lindner Hotels AG includes business and congress hotels as well as theme hotels and a holiday park.

Individual and modern concepts on a high level distinguish the brand. The motto "Not only better. Different." is the program. The guests should enjoy full comfort from the first entry into the hotel to the check-out. A challenge: customers come from all over the world, speak different languages and calculate in their home currency. In the hotel industry, payment also means more than just paying: Rooms are reserved in advance by credit card, cancelled or rebooked if necessary, and the entire control system runs via special hotel management systems.



Requirements and services that have to be met:

Desire for integrated checkout solution



International Guests



Europe-wide solutions from a single source


Our solutions

The integrated POS solution Concardis Payment Gateway delivers what its name promises: thanks to the Oracle MICROS interface, it fits seamlessly into the existing hotel management system.

The terminal is used in all Lindner Hotels & Resorts throughout Europe - fast and efficient thanks to Plug & Play technology. However, not only the integration is convenient, but also the operation. Guests can pay with all common national and international cards and choose the language that suits them best.


Perfect service is a must for Lindner Hotels & Resorts. That's why we rely on Concardis when it comes to payment, because the service is right for us and for our customers.Dieter Tuxhorn, Head of Finance and Accounting Lindner Hotels & Resorts

But that's not all: Lindner Hotels & Resorts offer the additional service DCC. The Dynamic Currency Conversion automatically recognizes in which country the card was issued and displays the payment amount in the guest's home currency - of course at the current exchange rate. Over 40 currencies are available. There is no mental arithmetic for the guest and the Lindner Hotels & Resorts leave a positive impression with completely satisfied guests.

Concardis solutions for Lindner Hotels AG:

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