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Concardis Optipay

A mobile terminal and a free app on your smartphone – that’s all you need to accept card payments from your customers at their house or at your vegetable stand. It’s quite simple both for you and your customers: insert the credit or debit card or – thanks to near-field communication (NFC) technology – just hold it near the terminal with the PIN pad. Rather than with the card itself, the customer also has the option of paying with their smartphone if they have a wallet solution set up. Data is encrypted, transferred between the smartphone and the terminal and then processed – all via Bluetooth. With one click, the customer receives their receipt via email, or you can print it out for them on-site using the handy printer. You can also keep an eye on things using Concardis Optipay: at the press of a button, you can see your daily sales.  
What does that cost per month? Nothing. And the term of the contract? There isn’t one. You pay a one-time fee of €99 for the card reader. After that, you only pay a fee if and when you actually process a transaction using Concardis Optipay: 0.95 per cent for debit cards and 2.60 per cent for credit cards.


Google Pay

Google Pay ist eine schnelle, einfache Zahlungsmethode – online und im Geschäft, per App oder auf dem Desktop. .

Sie möchten Ihren Kunden bequemes, mobiles Bezahlen anbieten? Akzeptieren Sie jetzt Google Pay!
Die Paymentlösung von Google ermöglicht das Bezahlen mit Smartphones –  jetzt auch in Deutschland. Was Sie dafür brauchen? Ein NFC-fähiges Terminal (Near Field Communication).

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China’s biggest mobile payment network – now also with Concardis.

Alipay has more than 800 million users, making it the world’s biggest payment and lifestyle platform, with a market share in online transactions of more than 50%. Mobile payments with Alipay and Concardis are made by means of a QR code at the POS, which is simply scanned using the Alipay app. Alipay is the absolute market leader in China, with an 80% market share at the POS.