Mobile card payment
Full flexibility for good business

Concardis Optipay

A mobile terminal and a free app on your smartphone – that’s all you need to accept card payments from your customers at their house or at your vegetable stand. It’s quite simple both for you and your customers: insert the credit or debit card or – thanks to near-field communication (NFC) technology – just hold it near the terminal with the PIN pad. Rather than with the card itself, the customer also has the option of paying with their smartphone if they have a wallet solution set up. Data is encrypted, transferred between the smartphone and the terminal and then processed – all via Bluetooth. With one click, the customer receives their receipt via email, or you can print it out for them on-site using the handy printer. You can also keep an eye on things using Concardis Optipay: at the press of a button, you can see your daily sales.  
What does that cost per month? Nothing. And the term of the contract? There isn’t one. You pay a one-time fee of €99 for the card reader. After that, you only pay a fee if and when you actually process a transaction using Concardis Optipay: 0.95 per cent for debit cards and 2.60 per cent for credit cards.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Accept card payments always and everywhere
  • Low initial investment, no fixed monthly costs
  • Compatible with the most popular smartphones
  • Simple set-up
  • Maximum security thanks to encrypted processes
  • Payment processing and invoicing in one app


Accept cards.
Simply. Everytime. Everywhere. 

Install the app on your smartphone. Register and order the Concardis Optipay terminal for a one-time fee of €99. Set up the Bluetooth connection. Off you go!


Order a Concardis Optipay terminal



Concardis Optipay kann mit folgenden Apps verwendet werden

Concardis Optipay App

Machen Sie mit Concardis Optipay Ihr Smartphone zum Kartenterminal!
Mit der Concardis Optipay App können Zahlungen ganz einfach akzeptiert und die Quittung nach dem Bezahlvorgang sofort per E-Mail an den Kunden versendet werden. Die Concardis Optipay App ist für alle gängigen Smartphones verfügbar. 

App für Android

 App für iOS



iCash-App für iOS
iShop-App für iOS

iShop und iCash sind eine innovative Shop- und Kassenlösung!
iShop übernimmt als „virtuelles Büro“ Ihre gesamte Shop Verwaltung: Produktanlage, Abrechnungswesen, Erstellung eines Kassenjournals und vieles mehr. iCash dient als „virtuelle Kasse“, um Zahlvorgang, Gutschriften und Rücknahmen abzuwickeln. iShop und iCash können nur mit Apple Geräten verwendet werden.

iShop-App für iOS

iCash-App für iOS

Now that’s secure!

With Concardis, you have a PCI-DSS-certified partner on your side. These security standards of the leading credit card organisations apply around the world and guarantee a high level of data security and protect you from default and credit card fraud.
During mobile payment, no data is stored on your smartphone, in the app or on the card reader. All data transferred between smartphone, terminal and our servers is completely encrypted.

Concardis Optipay SDK

Software Development Kit

Are you a developer who already has an app or a cash till solution whose payment functionality you would like to expand – simply and securely? Then simply integrate Concardis Optipay into your app. Using the Concardis Optipay Software Development Kit (SDK), all the payment functions of Concardis Optipay can be integrated into your solution quickly and with minimal effort. Tablet-based cash till system, mobile taxi app or an individual application – the SDK can be used for a multitude of applications and is available for all common platforms.


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