Your payment processes
Optimises accounts, cuts costs

Optimise processes

Our aim: to create an efficient payment process for your business.

Concardis developed intelligent solutions for an automated controlling of your payment process and make a transparent for the accounting department.

Optimise invoices

ESP: invoicing with one click

Transactions, payments and invoices: with our Electronic Statement Presentment (ESP) online tool, you have all the important information regarding your card statements in view – any time and anywhere. This enables you to monitor your daily bookings and, if necessary, to export them to Microsoft Excel and print them. Simple, quick and practical. Give it a try and use our trial access. Free of charge and with no obligation, of course.

Username: ESP-DEMO

Password: ConCardis100


ETRAX 3: all transactions, all the details

Would you like detailed information about every single sale? With ETRAX 3, the electronic individual transaction list from Concardis, you have a comprehensive report of your sales as a CSV file. You can use this to simply open your report in a spreadsheet program and edit it however you need to. 

With ETRAX 3, you have your sales in a clear and individually adjustable view.


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Optimise bookkeeping

Additional information with every sale

Don’t lose sight of your transactions: with transaction referencing from Concardis, you can gather up to two additional pieces of information for each sale. Contract, order, job or delivery number – the additional information is placed directly on the terminal slip and your monthly report. This makes it easier for you to attach them to jobs and customers, thus making your invoicing that much easier.

EPA: your card bookkeeping in one file

With EPA, the standard file format of credit card acquirers, you have an electronic representation of all of your card settlement data – as detailed as you would like it. You can choose the information that is relevant for you and your company from all of the information in the reporting file. You decide whether you would like items to be allocated at the branch, terminal or individual transaction level. EPA enables you to automatically reconcile your outstanding items from card payments with the credit from Concardis. This significantly reduces the accounting workload as well as the risk of errors. The only prerequisite for using EPA is a corresponding import routine that can interpret the EPA file format for your accounting system. You can download EPA easily with our online statement tool ESP. Why not simply give EPA a try! We would be happy to send you a sample file to look at.


Optimise costs

KontoPlus Klassik: save bank fees

Compile transactions made with a girocard or electronic cash and SEPA direct debits in one booking, thereby saving you bank fees and simplifying your accounting workload – thanks to a better overview. All Concardis terminals are already equipped with KontoPlus Klassik. Lower your costs now. We would be happy to advise you.


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