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Concardis Optipay
Accept payment on the go

Concardis Optipay: Accept card payments.

Always. Everywhere. Optimal.

Are you a founder or a small entrepreneur? Are you a craftsman delivering services on site? And you would now like to accommodate your customers with the possibility of card payment? Nothing easier than that.

What do you need? A smartphone. A reader. Nothing else.


One-off costs for
your card reader

79 €*



Debit cards
per transaction

0,95 %


Credit cards
per transaction

2,60 %


Credit card Amex
per transaction

1,90 %

The following payment options are possible:



Pay contactless. Fast and comfortable.



Accept all common credit cards.
Always and everywhere.



Play with it safe. With your payment expert.



Popular for common smartphones.



Pay in just two steps!

Enter amount

Your customer wants to pay by card. You start the Concardis Optipay App and enter the payment amount using the keyboard.


You insert the card into the card reader or keep your card within reach of the reader. The customer must either enter his PIN or sign the card. You can send the receipt to the customer immediately by e-mail.