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E-Com Report 2020 DACH

Insights and analyses (only in German)

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Payment Outlook 2021

"...The future isn't what it used to be...“

has seldom been truer than now – approximately one year into the global COVID-19 pandemic.​

The Payments Outlook 2021 is based on findings from the 2020 edition but applies a Corona perspective. Through the report you’ll obtain our perspective on key future trends and themes that will likely shape the way we live and pay, and how the pandemic is affecting these.

As a preferred payment partner to merchants and banks across Europe, we’re on a mission to help shape the future together with our customers and help them make tomorrow a little easier.​

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Through numerous workshops, interviews with internal and external top industry experts, and extensive review of leading industry researchers, our innovation specialists identified key trends in four dimensions; consumer, technology, market, and regulatory. The trends were then ranked by importance and systematically mapped to form the Outlook Radar.

Concardis Payment Outlook Report 2020

Eight themes that will impact payments

By analysing and combining the trends across dimensions, eight themes were formed that we believe will shape the future of consumption and payments.


Payment Outlook 2021 | Nahtloser Zugang zu Geldmitteln

1. Seemless Access to Funds

Payment Outlook 2021 | Fließender Handel

2. Fluid Commerce

Payment Outlook 2021 | Datenschutz nach Maß

3. Customised Privacy

Payment Outlook 2021 | Quantifiziertes Selbst

4. Quantified Self

Payment Outlook 2021 | Gleichzeitige Bündelung und Entbündelung

5. Simultaneous Bundling and Unbundling

Payment Outlook 2021 | Dezentralisiertes Vertrauen

6. Decentralised Trust

Payment Outlook 2021 | Verantwortungsvolles Konsumverhalten

7. Responsible Consumerism

Payment Outlook 2021 | Lokaler Handel

8. "Glocal Commerce"

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Consumers around the world are choosing digital ways to pay instead of cash. In our short video you will get more information about the rise in demand of frictionless and seamless payments.

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