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Prepaid and Voucher solutions

Concardis Prepaid and Voucher solutions

The stationary trade already uses the advantages. Take advantage of them and open up the big world of digital vouchers to your customers, without any expenditure of time.

Prepaid offers have become firmly established in the mobile communications sector in recent years and successfully reach different target groups. This success is legitimate: prepaid cards can be called up individually with value levels, are flexible, secure and in line with the spirit of the times.

Advantages for you

Customer loyalty and satisfaction without effort.



Additional income:
Revenues from sales commissions.



No storage of products.



Just-in-Time delivery.



Concardis terminals with prepaid software

You do not need any additional hardware or infrastructure. We simply make the certified prepaid solution available to you conveniently and efficiently overnight for your Ingenico terminal. The recharge and voucher function can be activated at the Concardis POS terminals at any time and is therefore immediately ready for use!

Prepaid PIN-Printing & PIN-on-Demand (POD):

You select the desired recharge value of the mobile phone or voucher provider for your customer directly at the terminal. The corresponding cash code is provided on the receipt and given to your customer. This method enables us to offer you the complete prepaid product range purely virtually.


Prepaid Point-of-Sale-Activation (POSA):

This card is the packaging concept with which virtual products, such as computer game licenses, mobile phone or game credit in the retail trade, become tangible for the customer. The voucher is worthless until it is sold. 100% security for you! Only after payment is the voucher activated by you via the terminal.

That's how Concardis Prepaid works:

1. Press the Prepaid button on the card machine.

2. Select a mobile operator / service provider with a desired value.

3. The PIN code is generated and printed as a receipt.

4. After successful payment the code can be used immediately.

System provider and contractor is the Concardis partner
ICP Transaction Solutions GmbH, Monaiser Str. 11, 54294 Trier.

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