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Card acceptance: more freedom for more sales

For your customers, paying by card is – above all – convenient and an expression of their personal freedom. At the same time, card payments allow you to profit from fast processing, low risk and simple management. Another aspect that should not be underestimated is that credit card users enjoy using that freedom for spontaneous purchases and often have high credit ratings. There are plenty of good reasons to accept credit and debit card payments. Together with one of our terminals, you have everything you need from a single source and can focus on what’s really important – your customers. We give you the necessary freedom for that.


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Which terminal would you like?

Whether at the sales counter, directly at the guest’s table or on the go at your customers’ locations, the terminals from Concardis put cashless payment processing in the palm of your hand. We have the right device for every use. All of our terminals have two things in common: they are efficient and secure. Does it need to go just a bit faster? Not a problem with near-field communication (NFC). This contactless technology is integrated into all Concardis terminals. Hold the card close – done. Would you like to accept tips by card, or do you need automatic currency conversion? That too is no problem. We have the right terminal for your needs.


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The perfect fit for you: our integrated cash till solutions

In hotels and restaurants, payment is often but one of the final steps in the process chain. Scheduling, reservations, bookings, checkout and settlement – for a truly efficient workflow, management and cash till systems must work together seamlessly. And because customers come from all over, this must be on an international scale in hotels and many restaurants. If process integration does not work smoothly, you – as a restaurateur or hotelier – have to invest more time and effort, and your customers have to deal with more complicated processes and longer waiting times. With the integrated cash till solutions from Concardis, we offer the right solution for all of these tasks – and you only need one partner for all of your questions. You can count on that.


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Payment processes for e-commerce

Booking a hotel, buying a television, ordering football tickets – online shopping is practical and convenient. Paying online has to be one thing above all: simple. Regardless of the payment method. As a merchant you are well aware of that, and we will help you make it so. We would be happy to help you choose the right payment method, and of course we are there to offer you assistance with topics such as security, shop integration and settlement. We also offer a comprehensive solution in the form of Concardis Payengine – a fitting solution for every online shop, all target groups and all platforms. That makes payment – you guessed it – simple.


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Mobile payment: sales right then and there

Chimney sweeps, market stand operators, taxi drivers – anyone doing business on-site needs mobile payment solutions. Gone are the days where you could only pay with cash in these situations. Concardis Optipay makes life easier for your customers – and increases your sales. With this mobile solution from Concardis, you can accept credit and debit cards directly at the place of the transaction – regardless whether that is the customer’s house, a construction site or right outside the changing rooms. Very simply and without any monthly costs. Concardis will provide you with everything you need in the form of a single solution. More convenience for the customer and more business for you. Very simple. Very mobile.


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