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pays off.

  • Flexibility for your business with selectable additional options
  • Efficiency for your business with contactless payment
  • Satisfaction for your customers with tax-free, prepaid, etc.

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Flexibility and efficiency for any business

You want satisfied customers who enjoy shopping with you? Do you, at the same time, want your business to operate as efficiently as possible? Concardis will help you do it. With numerous extra services such as contactless payment, tax-free shopping and paying in a foreign currency, you can offer your customers even greater convenience and flexibility. And we’ll take care of the processes in the background.

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Stationary trade

Additional services for customers in direct business

With the additional functions of Concardis, your international guests and customers can pay in their own currencies, contactlessly or via wallet: as usual, in their preferred currency and payment method. All our terminals make this possible, by the way. This makes paying by card or smartphone even faster - and thus even more relaxed for you and your customers.

  • Contactless
  • DCC
  • Tax Free
  • Prepaid and voucher solution
  • Reservation function


Less waiting, more sales

Contactless payment: that means, above all, faster processing. Hold the card Smartphone or Smartwatch close – done. This is especially practical for small purchases of up to €25. This means that your customer does not need to sign or enter their PIN – and, of course, your sale is still guaranteed. This enables you to reduce waiting times at the point of sale. Your customers and staff will be pleased. Despite the speed, payment by near-field communication (NFC) is still very secure and complies with the high security standards of PCI DSS. And not to worry: it is not possible for your customer to make a payment by accident when walking past the terminal. The card has to be held close to the front of the terminal.

Did you know that all of our current terminals already have a contactless payment function built in? It works not only with cards, but with smartphones as well if a digital wallet is set up.


Choose from 55 foreign currencies

As a hotelier, freight forwarder or online merchant, you often have customers from abroad. With dynamic currency conversion (DCC), the automatic currency conversion feature, you enable your customers to pay in their respective home currency. At the press of a button, your customers can choose their preferred currency from the 42 available. This works with our terminals on-site the same way it does with our solutions for e-commerce. Neither you nor your customers have any additional effort.

Tax Free

Tax-free shopping for international customers

Offer tax-free shopping to increase the willingness to buy of your international customers. Be it a credit card or cash, our terminals automatically recognise whether your customer qualifies.

With the Concardis tax-free function, the tax-free form is created while the payment is being processed – regardless whether payment is in cash or by credit card. The manual effort required to fill out the tax-free form is therefore significantly reduced, and this enables faster and simpler processing at the point of sale. You can easily order the Concardis tax-free function as an additional feature for your Concardis terminal.


Prepaid and voucher solution

Help your customers explore the wide world of digital vouchers – without any additional effort. Using our payment terminals, you can easily top up prepaid and voucher cards for mobile service, gaming or music.

Concardis terminals with prepaid software

You don’t need any extra hardware or additional infrastructure. We provide you with the certified prepaid solution for your Ingenico terminal overnight – conveniently and efficiently. The top-up and voucher function on Concardis POS terminals can be activated at any time, making it ready whenever you need it!.


Book in advance – pay later automatically

Someone booking a hotel room or reserving a hire car seldom wants to pay up front – after all, they won’t be using the service until later. But you, as a business person, would like some security. And that is no problem with our reservation function. The amount to be paid is simply reserved via the customer’s credit card. And that can be done on-site, over the telephone or online. This ensures that you are on the safe side and your customer does not need to pay in advance. Simply add the reservation function to your terminal or Concardis Payengine and start reserving.

online trading

Additional services for e-commerce customers

By invoice, wallet, in instalments or by international credit card - your turnover is accelerated with the convenience that you offer your customers when paying. The diversity of online payment reliably protects you from no-shows. Concardis also offers a number of additional functions for online trading that make it a lot easier for you.


International payments in online trading

Do you want to do international online business? With Concardis Collecting Services you have a solution for national and international payment procedures.

We can offer not only the technical, but also the monetary processing of international payments. Further advantages: You only have one contract for all alternative payment methods, a consolidated payout and uniform reporting with your statement.

  • Bancontact
  • Ideal
  • Alipay
  • WeChat-Pay
  • P24
  • PayU
Unified settlement report (USR)

Easier accounting - one report for all payment methods

Concardis not only makes payment easy, it also simplifies your accounting. With the Unified Settlement Report (USR) you receive a payment and a statement for all payment methods!

Everything is summarized in one format: Paypal, SEPA, invoice, installment purchase, secured direct debit, Ideal, Bancontact, WeChat and Alipay.

Merchant Center

Overview of all transactions and evaluations

The Concardis Merchant Center belongs to the Payengine. This gives you better control over your online business. You see all your transactions in real time and with the CFO report you have an interactive dashboard of graphs at your disposal. Your business is bigger? Do you have multiple e-commerce websites? Then you benefit from the group manager and free user administration.

Matching payment flows
The payment reconciliation in the Payengine replaces high manual efforts in your back office. In addition, it can be downloaded or managed via CSV or automatically via API. Your accounting department will be delighted.

Payment method analysis
The current payment mix can be displayed quickly and clearly via our dashboards. Filtering is possible for cancellations, credit notes, order frequency and much more. This provides more transparency. Get to know your customers better.

Relevant information across all payment methods can be easily retrieved via the back office or API in real time.

Concardis Advantages

First class: the services of Concardis

Concardis | 24/7 Support


Our customer service

Concardis customer service is available for you. You can get help with problems, be they technical or commercial in nature. If you are having difficulties with your device, you have the option of exchanging your card terminal.

Concardis | Accounting


Your sales in sight – anywhere, any time

With Concardis, you can keep track of sales, transactions and payments in real time, from anywhere, via app or portal. Individual analysis options about customer flows and sales frequencies enable you to optimise your business.

Concardis | kontaktlose Zahlung


Cashless, secure and reliable

Starter packages are ready to use within 24 hours. You receive your payments on a daily basis. You have flexible contract terms. We would be happy to advise you with regard to individual requirements and additional functions. Concardis ensures the smooth operation of highly complex and encrypted data transfer.


The complete package for good business

Simple, reliable, powerful and customer-oriented - that's Concardis' complete service for cashless payments.

Every business is different. Just like Concardis SmartPay, the all-in-one solution for cashless payment. Optimized for your business. A business booster that pays off. Guaranteed.

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Payment solutions fit for any business idea

Concardis | Vielfalt Kartenzahlung Zahlungsarten

payment methods

Large variety of cards

Many cards - one partner. Accept many cards and make your customers happy.

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Concardis | E-Commerce


Payment in e-commerce

The Concardis Payengine tool supports you in your online business, whether you are a beginner or a pro.

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Concardis | SmartPay Tool | Kundenportal

Concardis portal

Turnover always and everywhere in view

Your accounting department will be pleased and you will always have a clear view everywhere. With the Concardis portal, you can view all invoices and transactions.

More about the Concardis portal


How do your customers prefer to pay?

Want to know how Concardis can help you grow your revenue? Or do you have questions about our value-added services? Then contact us. Give us a call or use the contact form and we'll get back to you. We will advise you personally and work with you to develop tailor-made solutions for your company.

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