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Bezahlen mit mobilem Terminal und Smartphone

card readers

Mobile card readers for on the go

How often does it happen that your customer doesn’t have enough cash with them? How about offering your customers the ability to make card payments? Now you can with our card readers! They are handy and compact, and they’re available with various connection options – as a rental device with integrated SIM card or as a small purchased device for your pocket.

What are card readers with mobile connectivity?

If your point of sale (POS) constantly changes locations, then a card reader for on the go – including a SIM card, thus enabling an Internet connection via mobile network – is worth the price. Taxi drivers, delivery services and tradespeople, as well as food truck and exhibition stand operators, can benefit from this, for instance.

Our mobile devices

Concardis | Mobiles Kartenlesegerät A77

Concardis Mobile A77

Concardis Mobile A77

  • Integrated tip function
  • Next generation Smart-Terminal
  • Payment receipt scannable via QR code
Concardis | Kartenlesegerät A920

Concardis Mobile A920

Concardis Mobile A920

  • Integrated tip function
  • Smart terminal
  • Ultra fast printer
Concardis | Kartenlesegerät Move 5000

Concardis Move 5000

Concardis Move 5000

  • Flexible to use
  • Wi-Fi – for local operation in your shop
  • Mobile use with 4G, 3G and 2G communication
Concardis | Kartenlesegerät Mobile Premium

Concardis Mobile Premium

Concardis Mobile Premium

  • Compact and light
  • Elegant and high-quality design
  • Able to switch between 3G and Wi-Fi


A card reader for cashless payment is a must at every counter nowadays. Whether you should rent or buy it depends on how intensively you want to use your card reader - the best thing to do is to consult an expert.