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Bezahlen mit Smartphone am stationären Kartenlesegerät

card readers

Terminals for your cash till or your counter

Our stationary card readers are suitable for all customers who have a fixed checkout area. With all of our terminals, you can accept all payments made using credit cards and debit cards. All devices also come with an integrated contactless reader and can therefore process payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as other contactless options.

What are stationary card readers?

These standard card readers are connected to the cash till system by cable. The data transmission is carried out via the telephone or Internet connection. Fixed card readers feature all the basic functions that you need to offer a cashless payment method. These functions include, for example, an integrated thermal printer for receipts on which you can print customised advertisements.

Our stationary card terminals

Concardis | Kartenlesegerät Desk 5000

Concardis Desk 5000

Concardis Desk 5000

  • High-resolution display and clear keyboard layout
  • Flexible use of LAN and Wi-Fi
  • Contactless reader above the display
Concardis | Kartenlesegerät Base Next | portables Terminal

Concardis Base Next

Concardis Base Next

  • Processing of all payment methods
  • Powerful processor
  • Wi-Fi module and the one-cable solution

Pin Pads

Concardis | Kartenlesegerät Lane 5000

Concardis Lane 5000

Concardis Lane 5000

  • Large touch screen for individual operating menus
  • Flat privacy screen
  • Central cable solution
Concardis | Kartenlesegerät Pad Next

Concardis Pad Next

Concardis Pad Next

  • Coming Soon: new pilot project at Concardis
  • currently only available in the hA version (hosted AcCEPT)
  • Connection to network operation via central host


These days, no shop checkout can do without a card reader for cashless payments. Whether you prefer to rent or purchase the card reader depends on how much you intend to use it – it’s best to seek our expert advice in this regard.