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Paylink FAQ
What is Concardis Paylink?

Concardis Paylink enables companies to offer their customers one of the most efficient online payment methods. With Concardis Paylink, it is quick and easy to set up and share individual payment forms, virtual terminals and even your own personalised one-page shops.

More and more customers are using online payments, and many companies are looking for a suitable solution. But most people do not have the time or the know-how to program their own shop solutions. Now, with Concardis Paylink, Concardis is offering an e-payment solution for all retailers, even those with no programming experience.

What are the advantages of Concardis Paylink?

Concardis Paylink offers a unique payment solution for distributing individualised payment pages and one-page shops virally, on any network. Specifically, this means that the individual link can be shared by email and on all social media. It is also possible to embed the payment page on your own website. Without any programming knowledge, you can give the payment page and the one-page shop an individual look and feel. The page can be made to match your own design, with your own colours, pictures, logos and fonts. Producing discount codes is also fast and efficient with Concardis Paylink. You just use the ‘Discount codes’ option. Concardis Paylink also lets you connect to an online-shop solution. Thanks to the integrated development tools, the Concardis Paylink interface can be integrated with external systems via API as a payment gateway.

The first step.

Register for the 30-day free trial version of Concardis Paylink at your personal link with your company’s name. After successful registration, you will be provided with login information for your trial access.

After you have logged in at, you can click to the left of your email address in your back end (in the upper right-hand area) to activate expert mode, which shows you all additional settings.

Then you can create and manage your own templates, One Page Shops and payment links. Please note: In order to be able to fully test Concardis Paylink with test transactions, you also need trial access to Concardis Payengine. You can request demo access via the link Or simply contact our e-commerce team!

What is a dashboard?

To give you a direct overview of the most important information at a glance, like the latest transactions, the first page of the back end shows you what is called a dashboard.

With the help of the dashboard, you have all the important information laid out in front of you whenever you need it.

What does back end mean for Concardis Paylink?

The back end of Concardis Paylink is the user interface for the merchant. Once you have logged in at, you are already in the back end, where you will find administrative access to all functions and options offered by Concardis Paylink. You can design and manage your own One Page Shop as well as create, change and send payment links. Additionally, you also have a real-time view of all transactions.

What is the front end with Concardis Paylink?

The front end is your website, which you create for the customer and share with them. With Concardis Paylink, the front end is the payment page that is shown to the consumer.

Where do I put my general terms and conditions?

Before you send a payment link or share your One Page Shop online, you should implement your general terms and conditions in Concardis Paylink. Under Settings > Legal, you will find the field ‘General terms and conditions’, where you can store your general terms and conditions.

How do I create my own One Page Shop?

The first step is to create a new profile under Settings > Look and feel, where you can create your own environment according to your own needs. Choose a profile name; adapt your logo; edit the background area; and choose colours, fonts and font sizes. As soon as you have finished creating your profile, save it as a new profile.

Then, on the left side of the overview, you will see the option Tools > Mini shops. Here, click on Add new mini shop. Step by step, you can create your individual One Page Shop divided into the sections ‘Title and description’, ‘Payment information’, ‘Products’, ‘Form fields’ and ‘Additional options’.

In which look and feel is the One Page Shop created?

Under Tools > Mini shops, open your personal shop. Under ‘Additional options’, you can assign a particular look and feel to the mini shop. If no look-and-feel profile was chosen when the shop was created, the preset standard profile is used.

How do I share my One Page Shop?

Under Tools > Mini shops, select the shop you created; this will take you to the ‘Edit mini shop’ page. Navigate to the ‘Share mini shop’ tab. There, you will now see the link generated, which you can either open or share directly via the provided buttons for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. You can also share the link via email, text message, WhatsApp and other social media. The customer clicks on the link and is taken directly to the payment page you designed – the One Page Shop.

Can I change my One Page Shop after I have already shared the link?

Yes, that is possible. Have you already shared the link online and would like, for instance, to integrate an additional product in the shop – without creating a new shop and/or sharing a second link? No problem! Simply add the product later, and click on ‘Save’. The previously shared link automatically takes on the change, and you do not need to create a new shop.

In which languages can Concardis Paylink be used?

Concardis Paylink can be used in multiple languages. In the Language area under Settings > Basic settings, you can set the standard language for the front end as well as for administration. You can choose from among German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Turkish.

If you activate the option to display a multilingual front end with language selection, you have the ability to offer the front end in multiple languages at the same time. When creating a mini shop, now the function ‘Multilingual’ appears above each text field (including title, description). There, you can activate the language fields according to your needs. The end user can change the payment page or the One Page Shop to their desired language via language selection.

Can I create more than one One Page Shop?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of One Page Shops you can create.

How can I create discount vouchers for my One Page Shop?

On the left side of the overview, you will find the option Marketing > Discount vouchers. There, click on ‘Create a new discount voucher’. You can give the discount code a name and assign it to the corresponding One Page Shop. Additionally, you can decide whether you would like to offer the discount as a fixed amount or as a percentage. You can also determine the available number as well as the expiry date of the discount code.

How do I create a product for the One Page Shop?

On the left side of the overview, you will see the Products option. There, click on ‘Add product’. Now you can create your product at your discretion. You can add the title, the description and images and determine the price and currency. Keep an inventory or indicate whether the number of items ordered can be selected.

In the options area, you can add your own individual variations. Is this product available in various versions such as size or colour? You decide.

Once you have saved the product, under Tools > Mini shops in the settings of your One Page Shop under ‘Products’, you will find the option to assign your newly created product to your One Page Shop.

Can I also use the One Page Shop as a simple payment page?

Of course. If you do not add any products to your One Page Shop, the system will generate a simple payment page. You can adapt this payment page according to your wishes under ‘Edit mini shop’. On the payment page, the payment field is displayed as an open amount; however, you can determine a minimum amount in the settings.

How do I create a payment link?

On the left side of the overview, you will see the option Tools > Mini shops. There, click on ‘Create payment link’. In the ready-made template, you enter the title, amount and email address, and you also have the option to even personalise the payment link by entering known merchant information in advance. When sent, the payment link automatically appears in the standard look and feel.

How do I send the payment link?

When creating the payment link, you have the ability to activate the field ‘Send payment link now’ under ‘Send’. When activated, new text fields open where you can enter the subject and an optional message. Furthermore, you also have the option to send a test email at this stage. If you do not activate the field ‘Send payment link now’, you can save the payment link created and send it at a later date.

In which look and feel is the payment link sent?

The payment link is always sent in the look and feel that you have chosen as standard under Settings > Look and feel.

How do I change the standard look and feel?

Under Settings > Look and feel, in the standard column, you choose your favourite specially created look-and-feel profile. The selected standard profile now serves as the environment for the payment link.

Do I need Concardis Payengine for Concardis Paylink?

You need Concardis Payengine to be able to use Concardis Paylink. Concardis Paylink must be linked to Concardis Payengine in order to carry out transactions.

How do I integrate Concardis Paylink into Concardis Payengine?

The integration of the Paylink into the Concardis Payengine is carried out by us for you. Please send us an e-mail to:

How do I display the payment methods available on the front end?

To show your customers the possible payment methods on the payment page, you have to click on ‘Concardis Payengine’ under Settings > Payment providers, where you will find the option ‘Manage payment methods’. This is where you can choose to display to your customer all the activated payment methods in your Concardis Payengine.

Can I carry out test transactions with Concardis Paylink?

Yes, you can carry out your own test payments in the test environment using test card numbers. To do so, use the following test credit card numbers:

Visa :              4111 1111 1111 1111

MasterCard:   5399 9999 9999 9999

You can choose the CVC and the future expiry date at your discretion.

How do I switch from the test mode to active mode?

Under Settings > Payment providers, click on the ‘Concardis Payengine’ field. There, you will find a selection field where you can switch between test and active mode.

Can Concardis Paylink also be used on mobile devices?

Concardis Paylink is fully responsive. It can be used on all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets – by the merchant in the back office as well as by the customer on the payment page.

Do my customers have to open an account to be able to pay?

No, your customers do not need to create an account to carry out payment. The customers only need to fill out the fields which you have marked as required in order to complete the payment process.

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