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Mann mit Krawatte zahlt mit Handy am Terminal

Get fit for modern mobile payment

All you need: an NFC-enabled terminal and an acceptance agreement with Concardis!

Would you like to offer your customers convenient mobile payment? Then accept Google Pay now!
Google’s payment solution enables payment by smartphone – now in Germany as well. What do you need? An NFC-enabled terminal (NFC – near-field communication). Concardis provides you with a wide range of options: all of our current card readers are already equipped with this particular contactless technology.

Your customer only has to hold their smartphone with Google Pay app close to the terminal to carry out the payment transaction – simple, fast and secure. For amounts greater than €25, the customer authenticates themselves via fingerprint,
so you can offer the highest level of payment convenience.

Secure payment

Thanks to token technology and fingerprints

The Google Pay app is considered especially secure. Payments with Google Pay are based on a stored credit card, but the corresponding card information is neither stored on nor transmitted to the smartphone. Instead, the stored credit card information is assigned to a so-called token and stored on the chip – and only this token is transmitted as part of the transaction. The customer then authenticates themselves additionally on their smartphone using their fingerprint for amounts of €25 or more.

This provides a high level of security – for customers and merchants alike.

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