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The number of cases of fraud involving stolen credit card data increased by more than 18% over the last two years in Germany alone. As many as 58% of small and mid-sized companies are affected, which is why the card organisations have implemented corresponding security measures. All merchants that accept credit cards are obliged to comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and to provide regular proof of PCI conformity. In cases of card fraud, without certification you may be subject to not only a ban on card payments and a loss of trust, but also heavy fines in the worst cases.

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PCI Conformance - What this means for you

Protect your business with the security standards, reduce the potential financial risks of data capture and increase customer confidence. Go directly to the Concardis Security Center, certify and minimize your risk of data taps.


  • High risk of data breach
  • Significantly reduced risk of data breach
  • Hefty fines from card organisations
  • Minor fines through card organizations
  • Necessary ad hoc remediation of IT systems to eliminate weaknesses
  • Reduced requirements for remediation of IT systems
  • Suspending card payments until security has been restored
  • Shorter suspension times thanks to faster troubleshooting

It can be that fast:
Certification in only 3 steps!

On the PCI website, you can download the many, often-technical questionnaires, or you can choose the more convenient way and get certified in only three steps using our Concardis Security Center, which was developed especially for you:

Answer questions

Fill in the relevant security assessment

Confirm and receive your certificate of conformity

This significantly reduces the probability of fraudulent access to data. Additionally, in case of damage, this provides you with documentation that you did not act with negligence.

If you do not have access data yet, please contact our service team.

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  • Reduced risk of data theft: in the worst-case scenario, no card payments would
    be possible for weeks and fines might have to be paid to the credit card organisations!
  • Simple self-certification online and by telephone; our experts can fill in the
    questionnaire with you, if required.
  • The system automatically filters out the questions relevant to you from the
    comprehensive PCI question catalogue so that you can concentrate on your business
  • Unlimited and free telephone service via our PCI experts for all questions
    concerning certification.
  • You receive a PCI certificate as a sign of the highest security standards and
    customer relations based on trust.
  • Reminder service and recertification easily with just a click.
  • You have several branches and locations? Get all locations certified in one step via our Concardis Security Center.
  • Low-cost and high-value service package for only €23.99 (plus VAT) per year.

What our clients say about Concardis

The new Concardis Security Center is perfect! I like it! Good choice. Alain Valvason, VAB International GmbH, Basle Switzerland

Important for your website

Integrate the PCI security seal directly on your home page. This way you inform your customers about your extremely high security standards, gain trust and increase your conversion rate.




Contact Concardis Security Center

Our qualified experts support you with all your questions regarding your PCI DSS validation in the portal and guide you through the process. Request your access data today by using one of the contact options below.

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