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Extra comfort for your customers.

Do your customers come from all over Europe, the United States or Asia? Would you like to make it possible for them to pay directly in pounds, dollars or yen? Or by digital wallet rather than with a credit card? Would you like to offer tax-free shopping? Or are you looking for a solution that allows you to accept tips with card payments? Thanks to the additional features of our terminals and e-commerce solutions, your international guests and customers can do all these things while still paying conveniently – in their currency and with their preferred payment method. By the way, all of our terminals also make contactless payment a possibility. That makes paying with a card or smartphone even faster – and therefore even easier for you and your customers.


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Security of cashless payments

Security is the alpha and the omega of cashless payments – mobile or face-to-face, for e-commerce, in a shop or at a customer’s location. Security and trust are the basis for good customer relations.

For us, security is the central element of our business. We have integrated it firmly into all of our products and services. Security standards determine our processes; our terminals and our software applications work with the most modern audit and encryption technology available; and even the companies that work with us are certified in accordance with the security standards of the card organisations and the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

And you and your staff can also help prevent data hacking, card abuse and fraud. We will help you do this – with our security tips and our early-warning system. In addition, you can become certified in accordance with the PCI DSS so that you are secured in case something should happen. Trust us.


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Optimise processes

Sales with credit and debit cards mean downstream processes.

Concardis has developed intelligent solutions that make your bookkeeping and invoicing easier and greatly reduce the number of errors. Our online tools enable you daily access to your transactions and invoices – individually adjustable at any time. With us, you will optimise all of the processes involved with cashless payments and can even lower your banking expenses thanks to KontoPlus Klassik. What makes our solutions stand out? They are simple to use and can be integrated perfectly into your existing systems.


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