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Added value without value added tax
Tax-free shopping

Better service for international customers

For 2016, the total volume of tax-free shopping is forecast to exceed €5 billion in Germany alone. Take advantage of this and offer your customers tax-free shopping.

With Concardis, the processing of tax-free shopping is really simple for you and for your international customers.

When making card payments, eligible customers who live outside of the EU are automatically recognised. The payment terminal prints out a tax-free form in addition to the receipt. Tourists can then have this form stamped by a customs agent when they leave the EU and they will be reimbursed the amount by the tax-free provider.

How tax-free works

With the Concardis tax-free function, the tax-free form is created while the payment is being processed – regardless whether payment is in cash or by credit card. The manual effort required to fill out the tax-free form is therefore significantly reduced, and this enables faster and simpler processing at the point of sale. You can easily order the Concardis tax-free function as an additional feature for your Concardis terminal.

Your benefits as a merchant

Tax-free shopping is not only an additional service, but also a true added value for your customers:

  • Increased sales: satisfied customers and increased sales thanks to additional incentive to buy
  • Customer-oriented: improved service for your foreign customers
  • Fast: easy to use and fast processing at the POS
  • Convenient: electronic registration of the receipts
  • Easy: everything from a single source – you have only one contract with Concardis
  • Direct: automatic recognition of tax-free eligibility with credit card payments

Your choice with the Concardis multiple tax-free function

Concardis is the only payment service provider that offers its merchants the choice between the following tax-free providers:

Planet Tax Free

Planet Tax Free ...

... focuses on making tax-free shopping innovative and simple, thereby offering a relaxed shopping experience – stress-free and tax-free shopping and selling for tourists and merchants. Learn more.

Global Blue

Global Blue …

... works with 270,000 merchants worldwide and shopping brands in more than 40 countries. Global Blue has been using Concardis equipment since 2007.


We have compiled all the important Information on tax-free shopping for you in our fact sheet. You can find the relevant documents available for download in our download centre.