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Success is sexy. Cash isn’t.

Concardis pays off.


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We are the future of payment

The future is now. Concardis stands for the modernisation and digitisation of payments. 100% transparent – 100% flexible. Explore now how your business, too, can benefit from Concardis as its payment partner.

Card payment for every point of sale

Give your customers what they want: freedom. The freedom to pay for products and services anywhere with a myriad of different payment options. Transform your cash till into a digital payment all-rounder, or accept payments right where the sale is made.

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Solutions for online retail

Be it a digital DIY shop or shops in apps or social media – we have the right solution for you and your online business. Take advantage of our wide-ranging industry expertise and our cutting-edge and developer-friendly IT architecture.

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First-class service and advice

Concardis helps you and your business move forward. Together, we will configure your Portal+App for improved sales and customer analyses. We advise you with regard to payment processes and additional functions, for example for tips. Our service hotline is available 24/7.

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payment methods

Make anything possible for your customers – even at the cash till

No compromises in payment: ensure that your customers are, once again, always right.
The more payment processes you accept, the better service you can provide to your customers and therefore the higher your sales. These days, cashless is a matter of course anyway.

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card readers

The right card reader for every sale

The simpler the payment process, the more you can focus on what is really important: your customers and your business! We have the right card reader for every type of business: permanently installed, handheld or even for use in different locations. You have the advantage and don’t need to make compromises, as the tip functions and other additional options make your invoicing straightforward and seamless.

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Concardis tools

Sales in sight – anywhere, any time

With Concardis Portal+App, you can keep your eye on all of your transactions. And the best thing is that the portal is already included in the SmartPay convenience package. So you no longer have to look for invoices – instead, you can use Portal+App conveniently and from anywhere to prepare individual reports.

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The package for beginners

Risk-free – flexible terms
From 19,95 Euro per month

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Payment convenience package

High-performance terminal

Giro, debit and credit cards

Mobile and contactless payments

Service and advice

24/7-customer service

Ready to go in 24 hours

Help and technical support

SmartPay Tools

 Overview with Portal+App

Individual reporting

Daily credits of sales

Always there for you

The Concardis Customer Service

At Concardis, support and service are of the utmost importance. Specialised service teams provide you with expert advice. Technical and commercial questions are answered round the clock, seven days a week.

Concardis pays off. For your business, too.

Get started now with cashless payment - no commitment required.

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