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There for you: The Concardis customer service is available for you. You can get help with problems, be they technical or commercial in nature.

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Concardis enables you to keep track of your transactions and payments in real time, from anywhere. Together, we will configure your Portal+App for improved sales and customer analyses. This will allow you to improve your business and make you better able to plan.

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In the event of a disruption, we will see to the software immediately or repair your device. In the event of damage, you have the option of switching out your card reader. Our mutual objective is perfect user convenience for you and your customers.


Frequently asked questions:

Scheme Fee related questions
Mastercard Fines on transactions done at non Single Tap compliant terminals

Mastercard has setup rules for contactless point of interaction transactions across Europe with the aim to improve the cardholder experience.

The requirement is that in case the issuer needs to request Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and the counter reaches its limit during a contactless low-value transaction, Mastercard requires that the cardholder will only need to enter their PIN at the Terminal without the need to tap again or perform a chip and PIN transaction. This process is called the Single Tap Solution.

It is mandatory that every contactless transaction on appropriate contactless-capable terminals must support the Single Tap service, regardless of the transaction amount or Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) presence.

The transaction will be flagged as non Single Tap supportive in case all of the following three rules are met:

  • the terminal is contactless capable;
  • the transaction is contactless;
  • the terminal does not support Single Tap processing for contactless transactions

The effective date for German, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish merchants is October 1st 2022. For Finnish merchants the effective date is January 1st 2024.

How do I know how to correct what I’m doing wrong?

If you have an agreement with a third party terminal supplier, please contact your partner to agree compliant set-up. If you have internal processes to manage transactions on payment cards, please ensure that these follow the procedures mentioned above.  

How do I know if I’m being charged for these fines?

You will see these charges appear on your settlement report. 

How do I know the terminal is contactless capable?

The Data Element of the transactions will show DE 61 [Point-of-Service (POS) Data], subfield 11 [POS Card Data Terminal Input Capability Indicator] equals a value of 3 or 4.

How do I know a transaction is contactless?

The Data Element of the transactions will show DE 22 [Point-of-Service (POS) Entry Mode], subfield 1 [POS Terminal Primary Account Number (PAN) Entry Mode] equals a value of 07.

How do I know if the terminal does not support Single Tap processing for contactless transactions?

The Data Element of the transactions will show DE 48, subelement 22 [Multi-Purpose Merchant Indicator], subfield 02 [Single Tap Indicator] does not equal a value of 1.

Are there any exceptions when a transaction will not be flagged as non Single Tap supportive?

Yes, there are some exceptions when a transaction will not be flagged as non Single Tap supportive.

1) This is the case whenever a transaction is done at an unattended terminal with the following MCC:

4111        Local Commuter Transport
4112      Passenger Railways

4131      Bus Line/Charter Tours

4784      Toll/Bridge Fees

4789      Transportation Services – not elsewhere classified

7523      Parking Lots/Garages

2) Or; whenever the transaction is done with the following MCC

6010      Manual Cash Disbursements – Customer Financial Institution
6011      Automated Cash Disbursements – Customer Financial Institution

6012      Merchandise and Services – Customer Financial Institution

4814      Telecommunication Services

4900      Utilities – Electric, Gas, Heating, Oil, Sanitary Water

6050      Quasi-Cash – Customer Financial Institution

5542      Fuel Dispenser, Automated

5552      Electric Vehicle Charging Local Commuter Transport

3) Or; whenever the terminal is a cardholder-activated terminal (CAT) 2

4) Or; whenever the terminal uses a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) Software-based PIN Entry

Convenience Summary of Merchant rules for Recurring and Subscription payments

While storing card credentials for a subscription

  • Disclose the subscription terms simultaneously with the request for Card credentials including
    • a description of the service or goods,
    • the price and frequency of billing,
    • the cancellation and refund policy,
    • the location of the merchant outlet and
    • address, email address, and phone number to contact the merchant in relation to the transactions
  • These subscription terms must be clearly and prominently displayed on the payment page
  • Obtain assent of the terms from the cardholder
  • In addition, for negative option billing models: disclose the terms of the trial, including any initial charges, the length of the trial period, and the price and frequency of the subsequent subscription

When the cardholder has completed the subscription

  • Promptly send a subscription order confirmation to the Cardholder through an email message or other electronic communication method that includes
    • the subscription terms and
    • clear instructions on how to cancel the subscription.

During the terms of the subscription model

  • When a transaction is authorised, provide the Cardholder with a Transaction receipt through an email message or other electronic communication method that includes instructions for cancelling the subscription
  • Provide an online or electronic cancellation method (similar to unsubscribing from email messages or any other electronic method) or clear instructions on how to cancel that are easily accessible online
  • When frequency is less than 180 days, then at least seven but no more than 30 days prior to the next billing date, do send a reminder to the cardholder through an email message or other electronic communication method that includes:
    • the subscription terms and
    • clear instructions on how to cancel the subscription
    • a clear reference in the subject line that it relates to upcoming charges to the Cardholder

In addition, for negative option models for digital goods and services offering a trial period longer than seven days

  • No less than three days and no more than seven days prior to end of trial period, the Merchant must send a reminder notification to the Cardholder that the subscription plan will commence if the Cardholder does not cancel, or whenever terms and conditions will change. This notification must include the basic terms of the subscription and clear instructions on how to cancel.

In addition, for negative option models for physical goods

  • After the trial period has expired, the Merchant must provide the following information to the Cardholder:
    • The date the subscription period begins,
    • The Transaction amount,
    • The payment date of the Transaction,
    • The Merchant name as it will appear on the Cardholder’s statement and
    • Instructions for terminating the recurring payment Transaction cycle
  • Before submitting an initial recurring payment Transaction receive the Cardholder’s explicit consent

More information

Detailed rules can be found in Mastercard’s chapters 5.4.1 and 5.4.2 of the Transaction Processing Rules

Changing my information
How can I change my customer information?

To change your customer information, we require a written request form. You can find the form in our download centre: For address changes, you can find the form for doing so here. For changes to bank details, you can find the form for doing so here.

I would like to change my receipt text/clearing name ...

We would be happy to change your receipt text or your clearing name (the display of your name on the account statement of the cardholder).

To do so, we need you to send an email to with your business partner number and the new receipt text/clearing name.

My company structure has changed (GmbH, AG, sole trader, etc.). What do I have to do?

We would be happy to help with the change. You can reach us on the Freephone number +49 69 7922 4060 or via email at and please remember to indicate your customer number.

I would like to receive my mail at a different address. What do I have to do?

We would be happy to send your mail to an alternative address. To do so, we need you to send an email to with the following information:

  • your business partner number (you can find this at the top of your credit card statements or terminal invoices),
  • • the new address for sending invoices,
  • indication of whether credit card statements and/or terminal invoices should be sent to this address.
I would like to have my mail sent to a PO box.

Unfortunately, we are unable to send mail to a PO box.

I have a new bank account. What do I need to do?

Send us your new bank account details, ideally using our form (link to the form for change of bank details). If you do not use the form, please note the following:

  • original signature (fax or letter), gladly scanned and attached to an email to,
  • SEPA direct debit mandate authorisation – purpose-of-payment text (for example: all payments and direct debits, payments for credit card transactions, terminal direct debits),
  • for the respective account, conclude an agreement regarding debit card direct debits (officially ‘collecting receivables via direct debit from POS authorisations using service data centres’).
Questions about my contract
I have taken over a shop/restaurant/business and intend to continue the Concardis contract for the existing card terminal. What do I have to do?

IMPORTANT: Please do not yet submit any sales via the card terminal!

The device has not yet been converted to your information and there is a risk that your sales will not reach you.

Please contact +49 69 7922 4060 or send an email to We will be happy to help with the remaining necessary steps.

I have sold my business/shop. What do I have to do?

Please note: Do not allow the new owner to use the card terminal. The device still has your information. If you do not intend to continue your contracts with us, then please inform us of this in writing. Please note that we require the information for your credit card contract and for your terminal contract. You are welcome to inform us of the successor to your business via email to

I have changed the legal form of my business (to a GmbH, AG, sole trader, etc.). What do I have to do?

Simply call +49 69 7922 4060 or send an email to, We will be happy to help you with the next necessary steps.

Is it possible to receive my invoices via email?

In the Concardis portal, you have access to your information at any time of day. In the portal, overviews of your conducted transactions as well as your statements for credit cards and invoices from your terminal are available to you for download and print. We do not send invoices separately via email.

I would like a different terminal ...

If you are unhappy with your terminal or you need a different model (wireless, Wi-Fi function), we would be happy to advise you.

To this end, please contact our Freephone service number on +49 69 7922 4060.

Questions about ordering accessories and advertising materials
Where can I order accessories for my terminal (e.g. receipt paper rolls, car charger)?

Be it paper rolls, terminal carrying systems, batteries or cables, please use this form to place an order. In both PDF documents, you will find a button at the bottom labelled ‘Send’. Once you have filled everything in, simply click on the button and select which email client you would like to use to send the form.

Where can I order advertising materials (e.g. stickers, invoice folders) or payment vouchers?

Using our advertising material portal, you can order supplies and consumables (e.g. acceptance stickers for your business or credit slips).

Please have your business partner number ready for registration. After successful registration, you can always log in using your email address and the password created.

Click here for the advertising materials shop.

Questions about my transactions
Cancelling a reservation

You can cancel reservations via our service number +49 69 7922 2211.

To do so, please have your merchant ID ready. This can be found on your merchant receipt, among other places.

Alternatively, you can also send us your merchant receipts via email to; please indicate your business partner number.

Your Concardis contact
How can I get in touch with Concardis?

You can reach us:

Concardis Customer service: + 49 69 7922 4060 

Questions about transactions and your credit card statement:+49 69 7922 2025 (Mo.–Fr. 8:00–20:00 Uhr)

Concardis Security Center (PCI-Portal): +49 69 7922 2231 (Mo.–Fr. 9:00–17:00 Uhr)

Approval service:  +49 69 7922 2211 (24/7 - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

We are available at the following email address
Are you already a customer? Then please let us know your business partner number in the subject line.